So a little about me…  I was born, I am living, which means I haven’t died yet.

The End.

Honestly, what I would like to do is turn this blog into a platform for you the reader to find other literary works that exist in the eWorld or what we deem to be reality.  There is new publications weekly, be it short stories, magazine articles, books, comic books, whatever.  There is an outlet for each of us as readers, but is there more to the story (excuse the pun) than meets the eye?

Easy answer to that question is… yes. But what could that new outlet be for me as a reader? What new author or writer could peak my interest in a new genre or series?  Do I want to read something that is out of my norm?  These are the questions I hope that you the reader might have answered here or at least give you a push in some direction to try something new from the many choices that at your fingertips.

I will interview writers, review books that I love, read books that you love and talk with you about them here.  You want people to love your favorite book?  Here is a stage for you to tell the world “This is my favorite book and this is why!” I want you to walk away with inspiration to try something new or read something old.  I love to read, I love to write and I want to blog about it.

L.L. Kane



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