Keeping My Sanity While Launching a Thriller Series by Martha Carr

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Mystery Thriller Week

A little background about me, first to put all of the past few months into perspective. I’ve been a professional writer in some capacity since 1990. First as a journalist, then an author traditionally published with an agent, then a nationally syndicated columnist and now an indie author. There was a brief stint where I tried blogging but quickly left that to others to conquer.

I’m like a human timeline for the modern evolution of a career as a writer.

That means I’ve been writing since just before the internet was born, since before a lot of other authors I talk to were born. I’ve been writing so long that I had to go back and put a year at the beginning of my first novel, Wired so readers wouldn’t wonder why I didn’t mention cell phones. They weren’t around yet.

My novel had become retro, I suppose along with…

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About L Lee Kane

An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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