A Sit Down with Benjamin Thomas

20130712_130716Could you tell us a little about your book?

Benjamin Thomas (BT):  My book is about a young Lord destined to rule, but is faced with an impossible dilemma. His decision or inaction have dire consequences that could force the balance of power into the wrong hands. He must slay his only brother who’s fallen into corruption, in a traditional battle sanctioned by the government. If he wins he’ll rule over all things with an iron fist, but a woman close to his heart will die. If he loses; he dies, and his brother will rule while he loses everything he’s ever lived and hoped for. Which will he choose? Will he sacrifice himself or the Kingdom?

Who did you write your book for?

BT:  Those who enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy. That’s probably the simplest answer I could give. Also those who enjoy legal thrillers.

Is there a central message in the book?

BT: Yes. My theme is who or what determines justice. While crime and darkness are rampant,who will be the shining light? Is there hope? Who determines what is right and wrong? I’ll attempt to answer these questions in my book.

If you had to choose, what would you say is the single most important idea you’re sharing in your book that is really going to add value to the reader’s life?

BT: There’s hope in the midst of trials and tribulation. Especially when all around us is corruption, darkness and unrighteousness. There’s hope indeed. Justice always prevails. In the end, righteousness will succeed.

If you could compare this book with any book out there we might already be familiar with, which book would it be and why?

BT:   I’m not sure to be completely honest with you. Sorry!

Tell us about the central characters in your book?

BT:  Twin brothers are the main characters. One is the protagonist and the other is the antagonist. They grow up in the same royal household and are groomed, instructed, trained, to fight and kill one another. Then eventually rule. Only one can survive. One is cunning, devious, charming and merciless. The other is competitive, defiant, yet compassionate. Both are ambitious.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since publishing your work?

BT: I’m unpublished at the moment. The most rewarding experience is being able get the story out of my head.  The next will be to finish and publish it so others can read it. Once published, a rewarding experience would be someone enjoying what I created.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

BT:  That’s a tough one. But I thought about a nonfiction book I’d write one day entitled, the Iceberg writer. People are mostly hidden. What you see is only a small skewed fraction. And that fraction is only what they want you to see. But what you don’t see, is the kernel. That’s a story in itself.

How would you describe your writing style?

BT:  I’m not sure what my style is, although, I’ve been told I’m conversational.  I guess you could say I’m simple, creative.

Who influenced your writing the most?

BT: Who am I not influenced by? I read a quote recently that said, “I’m a part of everything I read”. We are the product of the influences around us, both positive and negative. We are a composition of influences. It’s product and byproduct. Cultural, familial, educational, literary, creative and  inspirational. But more specifically, K.M. Weiland, James Scott Bell, Michael Connelly, James Patterson, John Grisham, Stan Lee, George Lucas, Steven James, George R.R. Martin.

Are your characters pure fiction, or did you draw from people you know?

BT:  My characters are pure fiction. They’re all products of my imagination. That’s my favorite part! Seeing what I can come up with is fun.

Are you more of a character artist or a plot-driven writer?

BT: Currently, I’d say character, but hopefully I can balance the two. I’d hate to pick one over the other because they’re so integral to one another. Character without a plot is boring, and plot without much character isn’t a story at all. However in the creation stage I tend begin with character.

Other than selling your book, what do you hope to accomplish with it?

BT: Entertain readers. Give them something they can enjoy and relate to. I also wanted to create something that I’d enjoy reading myself. A sci-fi legal thriller.

Who should buy this book?

BT: Anyone who enjoys science fiction, fantasy, legal thrillers and a good journey.

Where can readers find you and your book?

BT:  My book is currently under construction, but you can find me blogging and writing at www.thewritingtrain.com.


Thank you Benjamin, it has been a pleasure.

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An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website www.lindaleekane.com. I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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  1. Thanks for having me Linda!


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