A Sit Down with Krista Lynn…

  • Tell us about this Novel.

KL_PPix(Krista Lynn) Blood Stones is a romantic suspense Novel with paranormal and Sci-fi elements. It is a story of possession, both supernatural and human, centering around the Lost Blood Stones Gold Mine in Sunset Canyon and the strange power that seems to hold the canyon in a stronghold of magic—magic that repels or kills any who would search for the legendary treasure.

The fates of the first “looters” in the 1500s intent on finding the Lost Cities of Gold, was only the beginning of a trail of mystery and bloodshed leading to present times. The danger persists. One family in 1911, and then another in 2015, come face to face with the deadly results of getting close to the lost mine. One of them is captured in the web of energy that guards the secret of The Tribe of Twelve…

Deep in the Arizona desert, the love a young woman feels for her mysterious Indian lover grows deeper every year, though her heart stopped beating over a century ago—stilled by the one she loves. What magic could cause this? What ancient Native American witchcraft could hold her spirit captive and make her part of The Haunting of Sunset Canyon? Could the legends of ghost warriors who guard the treasure of the Lost Blood Stones Mine be true?

When Darcy Peel left Dry Creek, Arizona, to go to graduate school, she thought she had left for good. She never imagined shBloodStones4-6-16e would come back to the small community nestled in the shadow of Prospector’s Mountain. But now she is compelled to return and find her sister who is lost in the red gorge canyon. On her trail to the truth, Darcy meets Alan Brandt, a young deputy who possesses hidden abilities that link him to stories of ghost warriors. Can she trust him to help find her sister as he promises? Or is she being trapped by the canyon’s magic—seduced by her attraction to a man with an uncanny connection to the deadly legends?

  • Who did you write your book for?

(KL) I wrote the book for romance readers who, like me, connect with my tagline on my website Romance is best served on a bed of mystery, suspense…and magic!

  • Is there a central message in the book?

(KL) Being basically a romance with Sci-Fi elements, I would say the message is speculative, of course.

Humans are not the only ones in the universe, obviously, but also, humans are not the only ones who respond to love. Though the stage, the setting of this is a fantasy, the very real human need for love and survival is universe-all.

  • If you had to choose, what would you say is the single most important idea you’re sharing in your book that is
    really going to add value to the reader’s life?

(KL) For those who love stories that stretch the imagination, I think, taken in the complete story arc of my trilogy, which will unfold in the next year or so with the releases of Cast in Stone and Heart of Stone, the most important idea is – “love is the binding force of the universe. It is love for which we all fight to survive.”

  • If you could compare this book with any book out there we might already be familiar with, which book would it
    be and why?

(KL) Maybe Meyers book, “The Host”, though this not a perfect comparison with Blood Stones, I often thought about her book while I was writing.

  • Tell us about the central characters in the book?

(KL) Emmaline Marton (1911) – a 15 year old girl befriended by a mysterious Indian while her brother and father prospected for the lost mine in Sunset Canyon located in Prospectors Mountain in Arizona. Her Indian“friend” knows that the family is doomed, but tries to save Emmaline for himself with disastrous results.

Darcy Peel (Present Day)– A scientist/professor who returns to Dry Creek, Arizona to find
out what happened to her sister who is lost in Sunset Canyon. Both she and her sister had endured visions and dreams of a young woman and her warrior in a red cave. Darcy soon realizes these vision/dreams are more than figments of her imagination.

Alan Brandt (Present Day) – A young deputy who returned to the Dry Creek area to claim land left to him by his grandmother. He meets Darcy on her first day back and the chemistry between them pulls them together. Ultimately, their connection is shown to be much more than mere attraction. Alan may be the key to finding Darcy’s sister. He has an uncanny connection to the “haunting” of Sunset Canyon.

  • Tell us your most rewarding experience since publishing your work?

(KL) Being able to tell people I really was writing a book! Here’s the proof!

  • If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

(KL) The Adventures of a Very Lucky Person

  • How would you describe your writing style?

(KL) I really don’t know. I like books that lean toward a literary style heavy on character development and dialogue. I think that’s how Blood Stones works. It’s about the relationships between lovers, siblings, aunts and nephews, friends and enemies – so dialogue is central to how the story is told.

  • Who influenced your writing the most?

(KL) I love so many writers, I really can’t begin to say just one who sparked my own writing. I know that my first foray into writing a story was prompted by a Linda Howard book –
Death Angel. I embarked on my own story, The Assassin of Citrus Cove which I am going to self-pub this year, based on a character in Death Angel, which is a romantic suspense. I wrote The Assassin… in the style of Michael Connelly or Robert Crais, two stellar mystery writers. So, I guess this explains the mystery novel element of Blood Stones. For the Sci-Fi edge of the book, I think a combination of books and movies influenced me.

  • Are your characters pure fiction, or did you draw from people you know?

(KL) I blended characteristics from many people I’ve known in my life to make the people in the story real to me, more than 2-dimensional. Hope this works for my readers, as well.

  • Are you more of a character artist or a plot-driven writer?

(KL) I think character-driven, if I had to choose.

  • Other than selling your book, what do you hope to accomplish with it?

(KL) That’s my goal. I want to share it with others.

  • Who should buy this book?

(KL) Those who love romance – served on a bed of suspense, mystery…and magic.

  • Where can readers find you and your book?

(KL) Amazon, ITunes, KOBO, the usual suspects.


About L Lee Kane

An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website www.lindaleekane.com. I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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2 Responses to A Sit Down with Krista Lynn…

  1. lindamthorne says:

    I enjoyed both Linda’s interview questions and Krista’s answers. I see you share the same publisher as Linda and me, Black Opal Books. I’ve come to know a lot of those author names and faces, and you’re a member of the Posse. Your book sounds fascinating. I grew up in the Arizona desert and very familiar with the places in your book. Good job.


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