The Elephant in the Room

What is the reason behind Trump’s success, is it fear, frustration, or is it something else?

Just who are the ‘his base supporters’?  Normally, fringe candidates receive ‘fringe support’; roughly 10-20% of the voting population of any party.  This is not what is reflected in the current state of affairs.  Trump is arousing the fringe into a much stronger base and the numbers keep growing.  This group feels isolated and unprotected by the typical republican rhetoric, “lower taxes help create job”s and “a country that you are proud of”.  Yet, this has not been the case for the last several decades.  Therefore they turn to someone who beats the drums of fear, offering up enemies that are the cause of their strife.  

There are many reasons for Mr. Trump’s success in the primary’s but my mind keeps going to the idea of protection. Over the years we have listened to politicians promise those of us in the middle class tax bracket lower taxes, college educations for all, stricter laws regarding illegal aliens, giving way to the American Dream.  Today, politicians are no longer a trusted source, but have become the obstacle preventing the people from finding their ‘Dream’.  Politicians are now seen as a group protecting the elite classes maintaining the same policies that have benefited the select few.  The anger caused by this has been brewing and now someone has pointed there finger and the people are reacting.   

The ‘Fringe Support’ are growing in large numbers and have been looking for someone to protect the values that they believe to be important to them and  Donald Trump is firing them up. He is pushing all the right buttons. “I will build fifty foot walls; I will send everybody back to whatever country they come from, I will make the military commit torture, and they will do it.” The rhetoric he espouses is stagnating but the base are tired of being pushed, tired of their course of life.  It is sad that they found it in someone that breeds hate.

The ‘Fringe Base’ is no longer a small percentage of the Republican party, but a white elephant that has been in the room, but a large growing voting population.  This group wants someone to fight for ‘their’ rights and they have chosen, Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, our history of hate is once again tearing this country apart at the seams and there doesn’t seem to be a good seamstress around.

About L Lee Kane

An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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One Response to The Elephant in the Room

  1. lindamthorne says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I’ve been around a long time and yes, there’s elephants all over the place. I don’t know what we’re missing, but something’s awry. I run into more people these days with a sense of entitlement to have what someone else has, but they haven’t put the effort, time, or fight into it. They are angry people. Life is not easy, but my suggestion is fight as hard as you can for your dreams. You may fall short, but you will likely get closer than if you just give up or blame others. This part is just the tip-of-the-iceberg. There are a lot of troubling things going on in our society. It’s scary to me that someone like Trump could be credible to so many. I never thought I’d see something like this. Now, I’ll go back to staying out of politics and religion on social media. This one, I couldn’t resist commenting on.


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