American Magic Show: Still Truly Amazing After 200 Years…

Historian Howard Zinn pointed out a strategy used by those in power, we will refer to them as ‘The Haves’ on those of ‘The Have Nots’ (newly immigrating people from Europe).  During the 19th century, influx of poor immigrants from europe, hearing of opportunities in the New America came west looking for and what eventually came to be known as ‘The American Dream’.  With the real estate investment of the Louisiana Purchase made this dream possible, unchartered land was for theirs for the taking, but for the original inhabitants (a.k.a. ‘The Ripped Off’) that actually occupied the territory.  Instead of using their own resources to push ‘The Ripped Off’ West, ‘The Haves’ used ‘The Have Nots’ to be a barrier of sorts between ‘The Ripped Off’ and ‘The Have Nots’.  This created a conflict of course between ‘The Have Nots’ and the ‘The Ripped Off’.     

The strategy was very simple, yet brilliant in action.  These two poor groups (‘Ripped Off’ and ‘Have Nots’) fought over table scraps, never coming to understand who the true enemy was ‘The Haves’ who preyed on the two for resources and riches.  As the constant struggle between the two groups grew to become anger, racism and resentment between the ‘Have Nots and Ripped Off’.    What great magicians ‘The Haves’ are, their sleight of hand led us to fight amongst ourselves, never realizing that we were fighting over was for nothing.  Yet, the magic show must go on, and we are still being led down the same endless cycle of infighting amongst ourselves.

This group ‘The Haves’ are still pushing this same magic trick to this day, but for a small moment in time in 2011.  Occupy Wall Street, finally showed us ‘The Have Nothing’ group which hand to watch during the magic show and for that brief moment we realized what was going on.  ‘The Haves’ showed us how greedy and selfish they were, even when one of the greatest economic crisis was breaking the middle class and poor.   The magic show is an illusion, perpetuated by the ‘The Haves’ into believing with hard work our ‘American Dream’ will become a reality.  For what it’s worth, Bernie Sanders is pointing out that this is in fact an illusion.  

In fact, Bernie has his own description of the ‘Magic Show’, often stating ‘The game is rigged’.  Think about this analogy for a moment:  A group of 10 people sitting around a table playing a hand of poker.  All 10 of the people are players in our card game.  One of the players is the dealer.  The other 9 players have their life savings on the table, while the dealer/player is using the 401k plans of our 9 other players.  Right from the start we see that our player/dealer isn’t playing with his own money, therefore he isn’t sacrificing his own blood sweat and tears.  Also note who is dealing the cards, the same person who just performed a magic show for us for the last 200 years.

About L Lee Kane

An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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