Raquel Aleman, Author

portraitRaquel Aleman lives in the small, hilly town of Friant, California with her husband of over forty years.

Raquel is the mother of three sons and two daughters and supported herself as a house and apartment painter for over twenty years.

When Raquel saw the pain, oppression, hopelessness, and insecurity in others, it birthed a heart-felt desire in her to help people. Child molestation, spousal neglect and abuse, and demonic oppression were not alien to her. Raquel has lived through it all. At nineteen-years-old, she started serving in her husband’s Catholic Church and has been serving God ever since.

In 1995, Raquel used all her savings and started a Christian drama team and went on to write, direct, and produce nine Christian videos made to uplift, encourage, and change lives.

Because of Raquel’s love for God, and because she wanted to do more to help people who were experiencing demonic oppression and spousal abuse, Raquel started traveling overseas teaching and talking about these subjects and has been doing so for fifteen years.

Raquel Aleman is an ordained pastor, a missionary, and a published author. The Demons Within, is about her roller coaster life’s journey. Raquel is currently finishing her seventh Christian children’s story.

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Do you write at a coffee shop, listen to music, watch TV while you write? I never write at coffee shops or while I’m watching television or listening to music. When I write everyone and everything has to be silent.


Where do you see yourself twenty years from now?Twenty years from now, if God wills it, I will still be writing children’s books.


Movie(S) Gone With The wind

Music: Oldies
Authors: Ernest Hemingway
Country: Italy
Restaurant: Pismos in Fresno
Who has had the biggest influence in your writing? My life-long desire to fulfill my dream of becoming an author has been my own greatest influence.
Who would play the  main character in a movie from your book? If I could chose one person to play the female lead in The Demons Within, it would be, Angelina Pit because she’s an activist.

About L Lee Kane

An author of seven published books that can be viewed on my website www.lindaleekane.com. I have an adult book, Murder on the Vine, The Black Madonna and A Very Special Clyde children's book for release in 2017.
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